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Gimhae Airport - All Information on Gimhae Airport (PUS)

Gimhae Airport (PUS) Gimhae Airport (PUS)

Gimhae Airport

108 Gonghangjinim-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, South Korea
+82 519743776 (Lost + Found)
Gimhae Airport - All Information on Gimhae Airport (PUS)

Gimhae International Airport, also known as Gimhae Airport (IATA: PUS) and formerly known as Kimhae International Airport, is situated on the western outskirts of Busan in South Korea. The nearby city of Gimhae, which didn't officially start operating until 1976, is where the "Gimhae" moniker originated.

Since its opening in 2007, the Gimhae Airport international terminal has served as the primary hub for Air Busan, Asiana Airlines, and Korean Air. Currently, Gimhae Air Base's Runway 18L/36R is only utilized for military purposes; however, due to the increasing volume of traffic, there are plans to open the runway to commercial airliners.

Because the existing airport has reached its maximum capacity and is surrounded by mountains, it has been suggested that a new airport be constructed on Gadeokdo to accommodate the rising number of passengers.

Civilians and military personnel use the airport. Photographs or videos on the airport's apron, runway, or military installations are forbidden.

The Domestic and International Terminals are open from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM, with free shuttle buses running every 10 minutes between the two from 5:50 AM to 10:40 PM.

History of Gimhae Airport

When it first opened in August 1958, the Gimhae Airport was called Busan Suyeong Airport. In August of 1976, the airport was given its current name, Gimhae Airport.

Since its first opened, it has progressively developed into an international airport serving millions of passengers yearly.

In recent years, the airport has continued to expand its range of amenities and facilities to offer passengers a travel experience that is both more comfortable and convenient, as well as to provide extra facilities for individuals with disabilities.

About Gimhae, South Korea

Gimhae is a city located in South Gyeongsang Province in South Korea. It is the home of the powerful Gimhae Kim clan, which is recognized as one of the most influential Kim clans in Korea.

The Kim family of Gimhae asserts that they sprung from the old royal dynasty of Geumgwan Gaya, which had its headquarters in Gimhae. The town of Gimhae may be found close to the Nakdong River.

Gimhae FC is the name of the city's professional soccer team that competes in the K3 League. Gimhae Semi-Athletic Club (G-SAC), located in Nae-dong, is the most popular and well-attended foreign sports club in Gimhae. In addition, it is the birthplace of the late Roh Moo-hyun, who previously served as president of the country.

Hallimjeong station and Jinyeong station are the names of the two stations that can be found in Gimhae along the Gyeongjeon Line. The Busan–Gimhae Light Rail Transit was inaugurated in September 2011 and connected the city with Busan through Gimhae Airport.

It is possible to access the Busan Metro network at Daejeo on Busan Metro Line 3 and Sasang on Busan Metro Line 2 via this connection. The Gupo station in Busan is the KTX stop located the furthest away from Gimhae.

Gimhae has huge floral gardens at its disposal. Flowers have been shipped out of Busan and its surrounding cities in significant quantities. Gimhae farming center was exploited to develop autonomous Korean roses named Spray.

Weather in Gimhae

The summers in Gimhae are warm, muggy, and damp, and the skies are mostly cloudy. In contrast, the winters are frigid, windy, and clear. The temperature rarely drops below 17 degrees Fahrenheit or climbs above 93 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. It regularly ranges from 26 to 87 degrees.

According to the tourist score, the months of late May through late June and late August through early October are the most favorable time of the year to travel to Gimhae for activities that require warm weather.

During the three months from June to September, the average daily high temperature during the hot season is above 78 degrees Fahrenheit. August is the hottest month of the year in Gimhae, with an average high temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit and a low temperature of 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cold season begins in December and continues through March, with maximum temperatures that are, on average, lower than 52 degrees Fahrenheit. January in Gimhae is typically the coldest month of the year, with temperatures averaging a low of 26 degrees Fahrenheit and a high of 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

The percentage of days with a chance of precipitation in Gimhae sees substantial swings throughout the year. There is a more significant chance of rain falling on any given day during the wetter season, which runs from June to September and lasts for three months.

July is the month that typically sees the most precipitation in Gimhae, with an average of 14 days receiving at least 0.10 centimeters of rain throughout the month. The dry season lasts for a total of nine months, beginning in September and ending in June.

December is the month in Gimhae that, on average, receives the least amount of precipitation than any other month. When referring to days with rainfall, we differentiate between those that have rain, those that only have snow, and those with rain and snow. July is the month in Gimhae that receives an average of 14 days of rainfall on its own than any other single month.

Even though the temperature may drop at night, a humid day is generally followed by a muggy night because the dew point tends to vary more slowly than the temperature does, which means that even if the temperature may drop at night, a muggy day is typically followed by a muggy night.

The perceived humidity level in Gimhae is subject to dramatic shifts throughout the seasons. The muggier period lasts for three months, from June to September. During that time, the comfort level is humid, oppressive, or dismal at least 23% of the time. The period begins and ends with the hottest month of the year.

August is the hottest and most humid month in Gimhae, with 27 days that are either humid or worse. February 14 is the day of the year when humid conditions are the least likely to occur.

Transfer Services at Gimhae Airport

At Gimhae Airport, ground transportation options include rental vehicles, taxis, and buses. Train and bus services to downtown Busan and distant destinations are offered during the day, and several rental car agencies are on-site. Taxi service is also available.

When selecting a mode of transportation at the airport, numerous factors exist. Here are a few pieces of advice:

  • Cost: What is the price of the transportation option? Is it affordable for you?
  • Efficiency: Is it simple to use the transportation option? Are reservations or planning necessary?
  • Timing: How long will you take this mode of transportation from the airport to your destination? Be mindful of potential delays from traffic and other factors.

Rental Car Services at Gimhae Airport

On the first floor of the domestic terminal, Gimhae Airport provides various rental automobile options to simplify your journey. They can provide you with a little automobile for a short city excursion or a bigger car for a long road journey. See and compare all rental car companies at Gimhae Airport.

Tips to keep in mind when picking a rental automobile at the airport.

  • If there are any promotions or special offers, check the rental company's website.
  • Compare prices offered by various businesses.
  • Before booking, carefully read the fine print.
  • Inquire about any additional fees, such as mileage or insurance.
  • Select a vehicle that meets your needs.

Please check our car rental option that works best for your needs.

Rideshare Services at Gimhae Airport

Ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft are not yet available in South Korea, unlike in other nations. With a local phone number, you can download Kakao T. To use other Korean ride-hailing applications, you must have a working Korean phone number.

Taxi Services at Gimhae Airport

You may get to any location in the city with one of the taxi services at Gimhae Airport. You might find a regular taxi service at the hub for ground transportation. The second option is the Deluxe Taxi Service, which comes with a more significant price tag and guarantees to get you where you need to go considerably faster.

See more information about taxis at Gimhae Airport.

Trains Services at Gimhae Airport

Gimhae Airport to the center of Busan is a one-hour metro ride away. Domestic and international terminals are connected by light rail to Sasang Station and Daejeo Station, where travelers can transfer to Busan Metro Lines 2 and 3.

It should take the Light Rail about 15 minutes to complete the journey. Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit runs this Gimhae Airport Light Rail system. This mode of transportation is highly favored since it is simple to access the Busan Metro. More information about train services near Gimhae Airport.

Bus Services at Gimhae Airport

Numerous locations in Busan are accessible from the airport through express and intercity routes. The city center is 30–60 minutes away. More information about buses to and from Gimhae Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Gimhae Airport

Shuttle services are provided by the hotels near Gimhae Airport from 6:00 am to 10:30 pm. The service is free for hotel guests, and the journey from the airport to the hotel takes about 15 minutes. Remember that the shuttle schedule is subject to last-minute modifications that might not be announced beforehand.

Parking Services at Gimhae Airport

The airport authorities at Gimhae Airport oversee long- and short-term parking, pricing, and payment options.

There are four long-term parking facilities at Gimhae Airport, each with a different rate. The daily maximum is roughly 10,000 Korean Won. You can pay with cash or a credit card at the exit gate.

The three short- and long-term parking lots are open from 5:30 am until the day's final flight. Payment can be made at either the entrance to either terminal or the departure from each lot. Call +82 1661 2626 or 519 743 781 for more details. See more information about short and long term parking at Gimhae Airport.

  • Fronting the domestic terminal is the parking lot for the domestic terminal.
  • The parking lot for the international terminal is across from the international airport.
  • The parking lot for a cargo terminal. For extended stays, located close to the airport's main entrance gate.
  • Please check our parking page for more information.

Other Services at Gimhae Airport

Gimhae Airport has banks, ATMs, post offices, VIP lounges, mobile phone services, plugs for electric devices, internet kiosks, and Wi-Fi access free of charge.

On the first floor of the International Terminal, there is a business center with meeting rooms. The medical center, pharmacies, travel agencies, baby care rooms, beauty salons, dressing rooms, art galleries, and casinos are all available at Gimhae Airport.

Wi-Fi at Gimhae Airport

Free Wi-Fi is available at Gimhae Airport.

ATMs at Gimhae Airport

For your convenience, there are several ATMs located throughout Gimhae Airport. You can find them in the Arrivals and Departures areas and the food court.

Currency Exchange at Gimhae Airport

A few options are available if you're looking to exchange currency at Gimhae Airport. There is an on-site bank branch as well as a handful of ATMs. You can also find several money changers throughout the airport. Most of the major hotels in the area also offer currency exchange services.

Nursing Mothers Station at Gimhae Airport

Gimhae Airport provides a particular nursing room for breastfeeding mothers. The room has a comfortable armchair, a low table, and an electrical outlet. Mothers can breastfeed their babies in comfort and privacy.

Restrooms at Gimhae Airport

Restrooms at Gimhae Airport are located on the first and second levels of the terminal building. The first level features four western-style toilets, two for men and two for women. The second floor features eight Korean-style squat toilets, four for men and four for women. All the restrooms are clean and well-maintained.

Food and Beverages at Gimhae Airport

Restaurants, fast food outlets, coffee shops, and bars are available in both terminals. In the Domestic Terminal, there are also vending machines.

Shopping at Gimhae Airport

Souvenir books on levels 1 and 2 of the International Terminal and duty-free shops on the second floor.

Smoking at Gimhae Airport

There is at least one smoking room on the 2nd floor next to gate 11 and before security at Gates 1 and 4.

South Korea is now only allowed in smoking rooms. The move is part of the airport's efforts to create a more comfortable environment for all passengers.

Lost and Found Section at Gimhae Airport

Gimhae Airport has a lost and found section where you can claim your lost belongings. The area is in the arrivals hall. You can also contact the airport's customer service to inquire about your lost item.

Ticketing Services at Gimhae Airport

Gimhae Airport provides various services to make your travel experience more convenient. From online check-in to mobile boarding passes, we have you covered. We also offer a variety of ticketing options to suit your needs.

Whether you're looking for domestic or international flights, or one-way or round-trip tickets, we can help you find the perfect getaway.

Information Desk at Gimhae Airport

Please visit one of our information desks if you need help at Gimhae Airport. Their friendly staff will happily assist you with any questions or concerns. They can help you with everything from finding your way around the airport to making travel arrangements.

Pet Relief at Gimhae Airport

Gimhae Airport offers a designated pet relief area for service animals and pet owners traveling through the airport. The site has grass, benches, waste bags, and disposal bins. Pets must always be on a leash, and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

Baggage Claim at Gimhae Airport

The baggage claim is on the ground floor of the arrivals hall of Gimhae.

You can also leave your bags at the left luggage counters on the second level of the Domestic Terminal (open 7:00 am to 8:00 pm; Tel +82 707 703 4040) or the third floor of the International Terminal (open 5:40 am to 9:30 pm; Tel +82 704 186 1250).

Phone +82 519 743 776 to reach the lost and found office located on the ground level of the International Terminal between 6:00 am and 10:00 night.

Disabled Passengers at Gimhae Airport

If you need a wheelchair or other exceptional help, please inform the airline about your travel. Facilities for the disabled include elevators on all floors, accessible stalls, Braille information and maps, and designated parking near the terminals.

Useful Contact Details

Gimhae is a beautiful city in South Korea with plenty to see and do. If you plan a trip here, there are a few things to remember:

  • Be sure to pack comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking. The city is easy to navigate on foot, so that you can explore at your own pace.
  • Take advantage of the many free attractions Gimhae has to offer. From museums to parks, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the city without spending any money.
  • Be sure to try the local food.

Gimhae is known for its delicious seafood and Korean BBQ, so be sure to sample some local cuisine during your visit. With these tips in mind, you will have a great time exploring Gimhae.

In a medical emergency, you should call 112 for an ambulance. You can ask bystanders to help make the call if you cannot speak Korean. You can also visit a hospital or clinic directly.

If you need to contact the police, you should call 112. Again, if you cannot speak Korean, you can ask bystanders to help make the call.

Alternatively, the police officer will ask you to wait until you are connected to an interpreter. Please wait and do not hang up upon hearing a beep or waiting signal. A police officer and an interpreter will come onto the phone.

Country Emergency Contact Number: 122


Inje University - Haeundae Paik Hospital

Address: 875 Haeun-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea

Phone: +82-51-797-0114 / 051-797-0100

Pusan National University Hospital

Address: 179 Gudeok-ro, Seo-gu, Busan, South Korea

Phone: 051-240-7000

Seoul National University Hospital

Address: 82 Gumi-ro, 173 Beon-gil, Gumi-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Phone: +82-31-787-2034


Gimhae Seobu Police Station (Civil police)

Address: 19 Gyedong-ro 102beon-gil, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

Phone: +82553120112

Coordinates: 35.18632049656556, 128.79611456820518

Gimhae Airport Contacts

Address: 108 Gonghangjinim-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, South Korea

General Phone: +8216612626

Lost and Found Phone: +82 519743776

Information Desk: +8216612626

Official website:

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 220V/60Hz.

Plug: F

Currency: Korean won (KRW), Won, ₩

Wi-Fi at Airport: Free Wi-Fi is available at Gimhae Airport.

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